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  • base insusceptible to rust, with a wide selection of base colors and textures sleeve to accommodate every authentic style

  • lights that are automated, allowing scheduled and instant on/off, dimming, and changing of the lights' colored temperature through your phone 

  • wires wrapped protective sleeve, fully diminishing vulnerability to stains 

  • chandelier arrangements created with an artistic perspective

  • creation capabilities that allow us to create elements that can fully satisfy the client's needs in terms of ideas, concept, and style



Untitled design (44).png


Where it all truly began. The modern minimalist designs which we started offering through this service, served as a pioneer of modern chandeliers in the lighting industry. The service that created a huge impact in home design with its extraordinary ways -- a client only needs to choose base on their preferred design and can customize all its other features, especially those that are important to complementing their spaces (base size/shape/color, light color temp., no. of lights, length of drop, and arrangement.)

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Chandeliers that are not just mere furniture and luxurious accents of spaces, for its elements and arrangement are engineered with pure meaning and artistry. Our chandeliers under artistic pieces encapsulate different meanings that our clients find relatable. Like our customizable chandeliers, these artistic pieces can be altered to fulfill the client's preferences.



This service is for our clients who are artists within and have a thirst for pure authenticity and specificity. Our personalized chandeliers service allows our clients to express their desired concept and design for their own chandeliers. This service allows the personal touch for each component from element structure, element colors, arrangement, and base texture or color. 


Where is your showroom located?

Our showroom is located at 34 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

What are your opening hours?

We are open on Sundays to Saturdays from 9AM to 6PM. For holidays and any other special day, kindly inquire or check our page in case of modified hours or showroom is closed.

Can I walk-in without an appointment?

Walk-ins are allowed but showroom appointments guarantee a sales person dedicated to your visit and you can ensure that the chandelier you are interested in is displayed in the showroom

Tell me about the new automation feature of your chandeliers.

Our automation feature allows clients to control their chandeliers through their phone. With this automation feature, many things are now made possible such as scheduling the turning on and off, dimming, partial turning on/off (e.g. turning on/off 3 out of 5 lights), and the changing of color temperature of the lights, all of which allowing our chandeliers to integrate its behaviors according to your lifestyle.

Can I have my Illuminati Technique chandelier cleaned or repaired?

Yes, to be able to have it cleaned or repaired, client must set up an appointment. Please prepare photos for the chandelier prior to filling up the appointment form.

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