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After two decades of business, Illuminati Technique was at the summit. 

By then, the process ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine: clients would observe and select a design of their liking. Some adjustments may be made, a fitting here and there to suit the requirements of each home.


But creativity could only lie dormant for so long. 

Disturbing the boundary between artist and client, one individual made their way across the creative landscape to share an idea for a chandelier. This idea encompassed a certain design, a vision and feeling for the finished output.

As if in a trance, the company spent time in a dreamscape of its own, reflecting on old plans and past pieces. The journey to artistic evolution was brimming with questions. 


What spurs creators forward? What invites the dreamers and makers to create unceasingly? All this time an invisible curtain hung between the craftsman’s table and the showroom, but the client’s presence actually revitalized the artistic world.  Innovation had required a return to the genesis of design, and the primordial muse was none other than the client. 


As business and patron would exchange ideas, a uniqueness arose in the form of personalized chandeliers. 




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Share your lighting ideas and inspiration. Our team will guide you in the ideation stage to ensure your chandelier meets the standards of great design.



We bring your vision to life—little by little. A clay model of your chandelier will be provided. Feel free to explore a variety of options for color motifs and arrangements.



Production ensues in the final stage. The team is hard at work to craft a chandelier for your exact needs—your imagination with an expert touch. 


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Hear the zephyr’s ode to the quiet. Spring Breeze is a prayer to yin-yang bodies and breaths held up to the moment of release.


Like the god of the west wind, its crystal doves flock to the eternal blue sky. Born at a standstill, Spring Breeze lives in the halcyon summer. 

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