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Moved by the business model, no house is built the same, Illuminati Technique gradually determined its standing as the premiere chandelier company in the country. 

But becoming the industry’s model came with a host of difficulties—competing duplicates, mass-produced pieces, and derivative designs.

Moving swiftly, the Illuminati Technique team labored day and night to foster innovation and ingenuity in the showroom. Gone were the days of humdrum lighting. Like the rebels and iconoclasts of history, Illuminati Technique experimented with form and invention. To do so, the company drew inspiration only from the three muses: the arts, the culture, the clients. This led to ingenuity and magic—intricate works with glass leaves, fairy lights that served to enchant, and many other pieces infused with meaning.

The company had stumbled upon a unique perspective: true vision and creativity, once found, were inimitable.


In other words, Illuminati Technique had evolved as the prophets of artistry.

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poster 1-white outline-black.png


Modern meets nature’s most timeless.

Dead Sea Rising is part light, part libation.

Loosely sculpted as a water-fragmented fixture, its rippling crystals cast a soft glow.

Suspended in stillness, Dead Sea Rising adds mystery and depth to any space.

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Paradise of mind.

Step out of time and into the momentary and surreal.

While the rest of the world turns, consider yourself unmoored — uncover the pastoral land where leaves neither rise nor fall but drift in eternal repose.

Oasis dwells in the world in-between, where the sun never sets, the spirit is at ease, and nature stops to rest.

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