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If you love the look of sputnik lamps, but want it in a smaller profile that fits small apartments and low ceilings heights, Solaria is the perfect ceiling lamp. With only 7cm to 9cm height, you can comfortably install this even when your space has a low ceiling. The starburst arms can be installed in two different ways, and is also available in 2 colors to match any style.

Size Variants (dxh)

105 x 7cm (20 lamps)
105 x 7cm (28 lamps)
128 x 9cm (30 lamps)
128 x 9cm (42 lamps)



Price (Php)


Disclaimer: All items from Decorative Lightings are shipped from abroad. Prior delivery to our Client, any item will be subjected to a thorough checking to ensure that it passes our quality assurance. Rest assured, Illuminati Technique will take all steps necessary to ascertain that the item you receive from us is in good order and condition. This is an advantage that you cannot find in other drop shipping companies.

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