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Name Smooth
Kind Ceiling Lamp
Dimensions 36cm Ø X 3.5cm H
Wattage 13W
Color Temp 2700K~6000K
Material Aluminum + Acrylic
Finish Brushed metal + white matte
SKU 70434
Description+Synopsis If you need a powerful ceiling lamp that can illuminate a whole room and has a low wattage, Smooth is the perfect choice! It has a thin profile that is great for small headroom, and a remote-adjustable color temperature that allows you to toggle in between 2700K to 6000K light temperatures. The higher lamp temperatures are perfect for offices and work areas where you need to stay alert and to see all details of your work.
Note: These are equipped with LED technology that reduces glare, gives excellent color render and has a reduced UVA+UVB so it good for eyes and skin.