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Name Quirl
Kind Recessed Lamp
Dimensions 9.3 cm Ø X 6.1cm H (6.5-8cm Ø Ceiling Hole)
Wattage 8W
Color Temp 3000K
Material Aluminum
Finish silver
SKU G0016
Description+Synopsis Schafer is a great lighting choice for commercial spaces, displays, galleries and museums with its more 95RA color rendering index that makes colors more vibrant and attractive. This recessed directional lamp is available in 24º and 48º beam angles so you can find which one matches your preferences. Its adjustable lamp head can be tilted in any direction for up to 350º giving you a lot of flexibility.
Note: These are equipped with LED technology that reduces glare, gives excellent color render and has a reduced UVA+UVB so it’s good for eyes and skin. Installation recommendation: 30-40cm fromwall & 60-70 cm in between lamps.