THHN 8.0mm
THHN 8.0mm
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THHN 8.0mm

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Detailed Description or Construction


Annealed copper, solid or stranded sizes 2.0mm² up to 500mm²


Premium grade flame retardant, lead-free, UL-listed polyvinyl chloride


Tough Polyamide (Nylon)


Standards / Testing Specifications 

THHN/THWN-2 conforms to the following standards:

  • UL 83 for Thermoplastic Insulated Wires and Cables (THHN/THWN-2)
  • UL 758 for Appliance Wiring Materials (AWM)
  • UL 1063 for Machine Tool Wire (MTW) (stranded conductors only)
  • PNS 35 Thermoplastic Insulated Copper Wires and Cables 600 Volts



Ideal for cable tray installation, wire ways, open wiring, conduits, service entrance, feeders, and branch circuits for permanent installations. Suitable for power and lighting installations in residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

Temperature rating not to exceed:

  • THHN/THWN: 90°C dry and damp, 600V
  • THHN/THWN: 75°C wet or in oil, 600V
  • THWN-2: 90°C dry, wet or in oil, 600V



  • CT-rated lead-free THHN/THWN cables are insulated with special PVC formulation that makes it more flame retardant than ordinary THHN cables.
  • More tolerant to heat with its better flame retardant PVC.
  • The insulation is made of materials that do not contain lead as stabilizer making it "environment friendly".
  • The nylon jacket offers mechanical protection and resistance to petroleum byproducts, chemical reagents, and oils. It is also abrasion-resistant, allows higher gliding and greater ease in installation.
  • Available in black, white, red, blue, green, and yellow colors. Other colors available upon request.
Sizes Equivalent Sizes Conductor Diameter mm Cable Diameter mm Cable Weight kg/km Cable Ampacity A** Ohms to Neutral per 305 m 3 conductor in *** Radius 8x Cable OD Packaging Scheme
PVC Conduit Steel Conduit
8.0mm Sol 8 AWG 3.6 5.5
0.69 0.70
100m / box