MASTER LED 6.5-50W 930 MR16 24D ND

MASTER LED 6.5-50W 930 MR16 24D ND

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Unlike conventional reflecting halogen bulbs, the Philips Master LED MR16 bulb, which consumes only 6.5W of power per bulb, provides an 80% energy-saving solution compared to Halogen bulbs, operating life up to 40,000 hours (or equivalent to 25 years if lit continuously for 4 hours a day). This is ideal for 24/7 applications to ensure minimum maintenance costs and maximum energy savings.
Designed for locations in the residential and commercial buildings of Philips MR16 6.5W / 930 Master LED light bulbs is particularly suitable for various applications in public areas such as hotels, homes. stores, cafes and retail and residential stores.


  • Philips brand
  • Synthetic materrials
  • Led Bulb Type
  • Capacity 6.5-50W
  • 2700K light
  • Lifespan 25,000 hours
  • 380lm luminous flux
  • 18 month warranty
  • 24D projection angle