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Name Kaiser
Kind Recessed Lamp
Dimensions 9cm cm Ø X cm 6.86cm H (small)
/ 10.2cm x 6.86cm H (medium)
14cm Ø x 6.9cm H (large)
Wattage 11.3W /11.5W/ 15W
Color Temp 3000K
Material Copper +Aluminum+ PC
Finish Gold
SKU G0012
Description+Synopsis Kaiser is the recessed lamp than can easily match classic spaces with its gold metal body. The lamp has a 4 to 3 square meter and a high color rendering index. It comes in two beam angles: 38º (small) and 70º (medium and large).
Note: These are equipped with LED technology that reduces glare, gives excellent color render and has a reduced UVA+UVB so it’s good for eyes and skin. Installation recommendation: 20-30cm from wall for small, 30-40cm from wall for medium, and 40-50cm from wall for large.