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Die-cast Aluminium LED Wall luminaire Minimalistic design but great in light output of 1250 lumen. This elegant?brick?light in dark grey anthracite aluminum radiates a perfect light beam.The medium version is very convenient for an installation on a certain height. Thanks to the light output of more than 1200 lumen. the light beam will cover the full surface in the two directions.

General Information

Item Number: 5189101118
Light Type: Wall Light
Fixture Material: Heavy-Duty Aluminum
Diffuser Material: CLEAR GLASS
Fixture Color: Dark Grey
EAN Number: 6939412028606
Warranty 5 Years
CE Declaration: View

 Technical Specifications

IP Rating: 54
Electrical Protection: Class I
Mains Power Supply:
220 - 240 V
50 / 60 Hz
Ambient Temperature: -20° to 50°

 Light Engine

Fitting: LED
Lamps included: Integrated
Lumen: 1,230
Watts: 20.0 W
CRI: 80
Energy Efficiency:
Light Color


220 mm
103 mm
Height: 85 mm