ET-E 60

ET-E 60

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General Information

Lamp Type

LV Halogen

Automatic Restart


Operating and Electrical

Input Voltage

220 to 240 V

Input Frequency

50 to 60 Hz

Power Factor 100% Load (Nom)


Mains Voltage Performance (AC)


Mains Voltage Safety (AC)


Power Losses (Nom)

4 W

Inrush Current Peak (Max)

15 A

Output Voltage

- V


Cable Capacity Wires Device to Lamp (Max)

120 nF

Cable Length From Device to Lamp

1.5 m

Wire Striplength

8.0-9.0 mm

Cable Capacity Output Wires to Earth (Max)

120 pF

System characteristics

Rated Ballast-Lamp Power

60 W


T-Ambient (Max)

50 °C

T-Ambient (Min)

-20 °C

T-Storage (Max)

80 °C

T-Storage (Min)

-40 °C

T-Case Maximum (Max)

65 °C

Approval and Application

Hum And Noise Level

< 30 dB(A)