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The RIGID ES1288 exit light with emergency battery back-up is
designed to run for a minimum of 90+/- minutes during a power outage. Key features of the series include: nickel cadmium battery and steel housing, long life and maintenance free LED source, as well as
self-diagnostics that perform required monthly testing. The easy hang
features reduce installation time and cost. It is also designed for indoor residential/ commercial or industrial use.


Universal voltage input 120V to 277V, 50/60Hz
Double battery back-up
Minimum 90+/- minute runtime
Low-Voltage disconnect
 Overload / Short circuit protection
Self-diagnostics (mobile phone connection)



 Sealed nickel cadmium


20 gauge sheet metal housing
White textured finish
Universal J-box mounting pattern
Keyhole mounting slots
 Knockouts for conduit entry suitable for ceiling, pendant, or wall mount applications