BCP280 G3 20LEDHP 2700 L1200 24V W DMX

BCP280 G3 20LEDHP 2700 L1200 24V W DMX

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UNI strip G3 is a LED wall washer lighting fixture designed for architectural lighting applications. UNIstrip G3 offers reliable quality and outstanding performance.


General Information

Light source color Warm white
Number of gear units 1 unit
Driver/power unit/transformer Electronic transformer
Driver included No
Optical cover/lens type Acrylic bowl/cover clear

Operating and Electrical

Input Voltage 24 DC V
Inrush current 30 A
Inrush time 0.03 ms
Power Factor (Min) 0.95

Controls and Dimming

 Dimmable Yes

Mechanical and Housing

 Housing Material Aluminum extruded
Optic material Acrylate
Optical cover/lens material Acrylate
Overall length 1198 mm
Overall width 50 mm
Overall height 65 mm
Color Aluminum and black