Terms and Conditions Governing Illuminati Technique’s Installation Procedures

  1. Before the installation of lighting fixtures purchased from Illuminati Technique can commence, the client must make sure of the following are ready:
    • The necessary electrical supply line for the installation of the lighting fixture/s;
    • The necessary mounting provisions for the installation of the lighting fixture/s;
    • The necessary permits required for the installation;
    • The area and its surroundings where the fixture is to be installed must be completely finish.
  2. Our installers / employees are not authorized to perform the following: install or dismantle lighting fixtures not purchased from ITE and to make alterations on the clients existing electrical layout or structure.
  3. During installation, our installers/employees must wear their shoes for safety purposes.
  4. Cash tips to our installers / employees are strictly prohibited.
  5. Our installers / employees follow a Standard Operating Procedure. Therefore, our installers / employees reserve the right not to follow client instructions that will deviate them from our Standard Operation Procedure or where the carrying out of such instruction will be disadvantageous to or harmful to Illuminati Technique and/or their personnel.
  6. If the intended location of the lighting fixture installation is considered by both our personnel and installation manager as hazardous or unsafe the installation shall not commence / proceed.
  7. Likewise, no installation can proceed without the presence of the client or his / her authorized representative.
  8. Please provide the necessary assistance to our personnel to ensure smooth and speedy installation.
  9. Any damages to the personal property of the undersigned claimed after our installers left the premise will not be entertained.
  10. For deliveries outside Metro Manila gas and toll fees, freight / shipping cost or any expenses related to the transport of goods from ITE to any given destination will be shouldered by the client.
  11. For installations outside Metro Manila fare, board and lodging or any expenses related to the installation will be shouldered by client, the client or his / her representative must fetch our installers at the terminal (bus or airport).
  12. A recent site photo showing area where item/s will be installed shall be sent to the sales personnel one (1) week before the date of installation. Photos will be used as guide and reference for tools and equipment needed during the installation.
  13. Client shall settle all outstanding balance payment seven (7) days before target date of installation / delivery.
  14. There are no time commitment for both installation / delivery.


Fair Warning: In case the scheduled installation failed to commence due to failure to comply with the above given terms and conditions, the client must wait for the next available installation schedule.  To avoid such inconveniences please observe the given installation date and the above mentioned terms and conditions.  In line with this, no complaints will be entertained.  Please consider that we have other clients that we have made prior installation engagements.


Upon signing, this will serve as a binding agreement between Illuminati Technique and The Client.