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This lamp is similar to our Lumina lamp, but instead of having a tubular base per lamp arm, Jasmine only has one narrow cylinder core where the lamp arms attaches. Jasmine comes in a variety of sizes and combinations – you can select from 4, 6 and lamp options depending on the size of your room and the height of your ceiling.

Size Variants

207 x 17cm (4 Lights)
103 x 28cm (6 Lights)
147 x 28cm (6 Lights)
103 x 36cm (8 Lights)
143 x 36cm (8 Lights)



Price (Php)


Disclaimer: All items from Decorative Lightings are shipped from abroad. Prior delivery to our Client, any item will be subjected to a thorough checking to ensure that it passes our quality assurance. Rest assured, Illuminati Technique will take all steps necessary to ascertain that the item you receive from us is in good order and condition. This is an advantage that you cannot find in other drop shipping companies.

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