Lighting Guide for Different Rooms/ Areas

Guide How to light up Lighting

Since different areas are used for different activities, they also need different lighting provisions.

In this section, we will discuss the different areas/ rooms that you may encounter in different projects and the recommended lighting applications for each.


The kitchen is the most complex area in the house. It contains the most items than is any other room. Since it is a busy area and often has a low ceiling, it does not need any lighting accents such as chandeliers. Often surfaces such as counters, range, and sink cannot be directly be illuminated from the ceiling because of overhead cabinets or the occupant may block the light and cast shadows.

This is solved by localized lighting or task lighting installed under overhead cabinets or suspended low from the ceiling.

The usual lighting requirements for kitchens are:

1. Ceiling lights
2. Pendant/Drop lights (over table or counters)
3. LED strip lights/ Tubular lights (for cove lighting and under the cabinet lighting)
4. Panel light (usually for commercial kitchens)

5. Recessed lighting  

Recommended LUX levels:

1. Working areas                150lx
2. Working surfaces        500lx